How to Bring that Fall Feeling into Your Home

How to Bring that Fall Feeling into Your Home

There’s always something refreshing and inspiring about this time of year.  Like F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”  We couldn’t agree more.  As the temperature starts to drop outside, we’re looking at ways to inject a little warmth into our home decor.  Here are a few tips to help give your space a seasonal makeover. 


Let nature inspire you: 

When it comes to beauty, Mother Nature knows her stuff.  Bring the outdoors in by adding some dried foliage or wheat grasses, branches from your garden, or seasonal floral arrangements.  

Find ways to inject rich colours throughout your home: 

We’re really feeling the dark moody hues this fall. Rich plums, deep blues, forest greens, and burgundy tones look stunning in contrast with warm gold accents and lighter neutrals. 


Majesty artwork

Texture, texture, texture


Layer your rugs. Pile a few extra throw cushions wherever you curl up.  Drape some chunky knit blankets conveniently over your sofa or tuck them in a textured basket nearby for easy access.  It all helps curate that fall feeling indoors.  


Buffalo blanket 

Jopa rugs

linen pillows 

Create a cozy atmosphere with candles and autumn scents   

What better way is there to spend a cool, autumn evening than curled up in front of a roaring fire?  Light some candles or burn some oils in some of the muskier, heavier scents to add to the overall autumnal ambience.