For the Love of Rugs

For the Love of Rugs

 For many spaces and rooms in a home, rugs are an integral part of the design. It’s true, we walk all over them, but in fact, they are often the piece that brings an entire room together. They have the power to completely transform the look of your space, meaning you are going to want to get this decision just right. We often get questions about how to choose the perfect rug, and furthermore, how to style your furniture on them. So, we are sharing some insight from our own interior designers to help you with this fun process! 


 Choosing The Style/Colour:

If you are starting with a blank canvas, you have more leeway when it comes to choosing your rug. Pick a style you absolutely love and work your room and furniture around that. 

If you already have your furniture, you will want to choose something that fits in with the feeling, style, and colours of the room. Take into consideration the wall colours, your furniture, artwork etc. Is the room open concept? Is it small, and cozy? Is it traditional? Contemporary? Ask yourself these questions to help pinpoint the style you are going for. 

Tip! Rugs are a great way to add some texture, patterns and colour into your space. Get creative and play around with different styles for your room. You can use this opportunity to add a hint of colour or an exciting texture to bring some personality into the space (Check out the Fleur Tufted Rug for a hit of colour). Or, if you already have bold furniture or you want the focus to be on your artwork, for example, choose a more neutral rug, like the Fifi Jute Rug, or the Morrisey Rug, to compliment and balance the room.

Choosing The Material:

Next, you’ll want to think about the purpose of the room. Is it a high traffic area? Are there often kids or pets around? Will food be eaten on or around it, will shoes be worn on it? Will it be an indoor or outdoor space? Etc. This will help determine the material of carpet you need. If the room will often have little ones, pets, or just a lot of foot-traffic, you will want to get a rug that it a little more durable, and low maintenance. We recommend going with either a hyde, wool or persian antique (like this stunning Kaley Rug) as these are very easy to clean. For example, hyde rugs can be easily cleaned with just a bit of soap and water. If the space is outdoors, we have a bunch of great rugs for that too! You will want an ultra-durable, water resistant, easy-to-wash rug like these ones: The Diamond Light Blue/Ivory Rug, The Arendt Stripe Rug. We have more Indoor/Outdoor Rug options on our website.


Choosing The Size:

When figuring out what size your rug should be, it all depends on A) the size of the room, and B) what furniture you will be placing on and around it. We ALWAYS recommend when possible, to have the rug large enough to fit all 4 legs of your furniture comfortably on, with a bit of space around the perimeter. 

Tip! If you can not fit all 4 legs onto the rug, having at least the front 2 is a good compromise. If the rug is in a bedroom, again try to place it under all 4 legs of the bed. If you can not, at least keep ¾ of the bed on the rug. 

Bonus Styling Tip

We love overlapping rugs! Try using an oversized wool or jute carpet, and then layer it with hyde or an antique rug. By doing this, you create textural contrast which provides more individuality in your space.

For more tips and advice, feel free to come into one of our shops to speak with one of us directly. We are always happy to help!

Take a peek at the Rug section of our website to see what we have in stock, and we hope this was helpful! Let us know what you think in the comments below.