Gigi Clozeau Jewelry: Valentine's Day Favourites

Gigi Clozeau Jewelry: Valentine's Day Favourites

With Valentine's Day approaching, we thought it would be the perfect time to talk more about one of the newest lines we are carrying here at Accents for Living.

Handmade in the South of France, these delicate and dazzling pieces are perfect for those special moments and special people in your life. As the only suppliers of this line in all of Ontario, we feel so excited to bring these unique pieces just a little bit closer to you.

Here are a few of our favourite pieces that we think would make the perfect Valentine's Day Gift;


20" Party Necklace Diamond 0.04 Karat


Mini 6.5" Bracelet Diamond 0.04 Karat


Moon Pendant


Classic 16" & 18" Necklace with 18K yellow gold chain

"Gigi only uses the best materials, 18 carat gold, diamonds, and a lacquer chosen for its shine and quality. This high-end resin offers a rich variety of colors. The artisanal application of this wonderful material onto the yellow, rose and white gold chain is a real art. It’s the result of an entire team and a technique developed by Alain Clozeau.

A joyfulness in color, and the love for beauty in all its simplicity. These are the values that Gigi feels blessed by, and the gifts that she brings to share."


Shop these beautiful handmade pieces online, or at our Oakville shop (85 Navy Street, Downtown Oakville Ontario).


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